Review 2023

Several of the 13 lectures dealt with the challenge of the change towards more sustainability for the demolition industry. Sarah Sinnwell and Michael Wagner from BST Becker Sanierungstechnik GmbH in Bottrop described the complex paths that must be taken if a building demolition is to be certified by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB), the lawyer Dr. Peter Kersandt from the law firm AVR Berlin described the challenges facing the industry as a result of the Substitute Building Materials Ordinance, which comes into force on 1.8.2023. One of the problems: there is still a lack of a legally secure regulation on the subject of waste end of substitute building materials.

Below you can download the complete press release of the FACHTAGUNG ABBRUCH 2023.



"The demolition industry has long been sustainable!"

DEMOLITION CONFERENCE 2023 - finally an industry get-together again – with a new visitor record

On March 3rd, the FACHTAGUNG ABBRUCH took place again in Berlin. This year, 117 exhibitors and over 1,200 participants accepted the invitation of the Deutscher Abbruchverband (German Demolition Association,  DA) to Europe’s largest conference on demolition and dismantling. Once again, the industry event, which took place for the third time in the former Postbahnhof of Station Berlin, achieved a new visitor record. The industry has been waiting for this: for two years, the FACHTAGUNG ABBRUCH was cancelled due to corona, now finally more than 1200 representatives of the demolition industry and industry-related companies came together again in the event halls of Station Berlin. As a result, there were more visitors than ever before.

Read the full press release below.